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Aquatop Canister Filter 2019: The Secret Of Healthy Fish

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For your fish and other marine features to stay healthy, you should keep the aquarium water clean and non-toxic. That’s why using a canister filter is a must. There’s a decent selection of aquarium filters on the market, and the models from Aquatop are considered to be among the most superb ones. Let’s review their best devices and learn essential facts about the canister filters.

Table of Contents:

What Is Aquatop Canister Filter?
Compare The Best Canister Filters
About The Package
Aquatop Canister Filter Review
How To Set Up The Aquatop Canister Filter
How To Prime The Aquatop Canister Filter

What Is Aquatop Canister Filter?

What is a canister filter and how does it work? This device forces aquarium water through the siphon tube, filter media, and back to the tank via a pipe, which makes it perfect for removing small particles, old fish food, waste products, feces, and dirt. Aquatop canister filter aquarium requires cleaning less often, and water stays transparent and fresh for longer. Since different filter media can be installed in a filter, it’s highly adaptable to different conditions and can be customized according to the capacity of the aquarium, kinds of fish, and so on.
What makes this filter pretty popular is the fact that it can be used for large aquariums (40 gallons and larger), and perform chemical, biological and mechanical cleaning. Aquatop series is good for saltwater, aquariums with live plants and cichlid. The only drawback of canister filters is that there’s no air contacting water during cleaning, so biological filtration and oxidation isn’t good enough for them.

Compare The Best Canister Filters





Speed of processing


Types of filtration


Is filter included?


AquaTop CF Series Canister Filter (370 and 525 GPH with UV)

BUY NOW AMAZON Up to 175 gallons 370-525 gph 11.2 x 11.2 x 18 inches


White plasitc Yes Yes

Fluval External Filter

BUY NOW AMAZON Up to 100 gallons 383 gph 14.5 x 7.6 x 17.8 inches Mechanical,
Black plastic



Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter for Aquariums

BUY NOW AMAZON Up to 100 gallons 360 gph 14 x 11 x 18 inches


Black plastic Yes Yes

200 Gallon Filter Aquarium Tank Fish Canister 9 W Sterilizer 525 GPH

BUY NOW AMAZON Up to 200 gallons

525 gph

11.5×11.5×19 inches


White plastic Yes Yes

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

BUY NOW AMAZON 66 gallons 250 gph 6.3 x 8 x 13.98 inches Mechanical,
Transparent and black plastic Yes No
Hydor Professional External Canister Filter BUY NOW AMAZON 60-100 gallons 280 gph   8 x 10 x 19 inches Mechanical,
Black plastic   Yes No

SunSun HW-302 3-Stage External Canister Aquarium Filter 264GPH

SunSun HW-302 3-Stage External Canister Aquarium Filter BUY NOW AMAZON Up to 75 gallons 264 gph

13 x 10 x 15 inches



White plastic  Yes  Yes 

About The Package

What’s contained in the Aquatop kit? First, there’s a unit made of white and grey plastic. It’s added up by a huge amount of accessories, including:

  • 9 W UV Water Sterilizer;
  • 3 fine filter pads (white);
  • 1 coarse filter sponge (blue) for mechanic cleaning of water;
  • instruments for installation;
  • 3 big filtration media compartments for customizing filter media.

Aside from it, the kit includes activated carbon, bio-balls, and ceramic rings for ultimately great filtration.

Aquatop Canister Filter

Aquatop Canister Filter Review

If you use saltwater for the aquarium, this is the best canister aquarium filter you can find on the market. The model from Aquatop features 5-step filtration and can be used in aquariums up to 174 gallons. All essential types of filtration (Mechanical, Biological & Chemical) are performed by this device, not mentioning the UV light – it kills bacteria helping you to sustain a healthy environment in the aquarium.

The sturdy plastic case doesn’t degrade over time and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals for fish. With different sponges and pads, you are free to lay the filtration media in the desired order to reach results. Aquatop Canister Filter provides great price/quality ratio, so it’s a wise choice for savvy marine pet owners.


  • all types of filtration are present;
  • UV light;
  • three filtration speeds available.


  • relatively expensive;
  • filter starts leaking in a short time.

How To Set Up The Aquatop Canister Filter

Before you place the filter in the aquarium, you should assemble it. It’s easier than it seems. Most filters have different filtering pads that should be placed inside the device in a certain order. Typically, layering is made in the following order:

  • ceramic rings;
  • coarse pad;
  • bio-balls;
  • wool pad.

Purigen (the chemical layer that cleans water from ammonia, nitrates, etc) should be placed before ceramic rings to contact with water better. Now when the layers are laid, you can close the filter and attach it to the aquarium wall – as a rule, it can be simply hung on the wall. Make sure the wire can be plugged in without problems. Now you should prime the filter, and it will be ready for use.

How To Prime The Aquatop Canister Filter

While some aquarium filters can prime themselves, many models should be primed manually. To prime a filter manually, you can try one simple lifehack. When you have assembled the device, submerge it in the water and plug in. Tilt the canister on its side to have the impeller submerged and switch the thing on. Hold it like that for about 1 minute and afterward tilt up to let the air out. That’s it!


There’s a huge selection of aquarium water filters, and the model from Aquatop is one of the best you can find online. It not only suits large aquariums, but also has a high filtration speed, and the kit contains all essential components. Although this filter costs more than average $100 models, its price is totally justified.
If you compare the Aquatop filter with other models, you can see that it’s an optimal choice for those who value quality and need a long-lasting, well-designed device to keep their fish healthy and happy. This gadget will facilitate aquarium maintenance to make your life and life of your marine friends simpler.

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