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Review of the quality cage for ferret by the famous Prevue Hendryx brand

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Ferrets are funny animals that are often live at homes as pets. This Feisty ferret cage review will be useful for those who plan to make a new friend, and to all owners of these animals. To keep a ferret, you need a quality cage, because you can’t leave it unattended. At the moment, a huge assortment of different products is available in the market, which differ in functionality, design features and other important characteristics. They should be considered when buying to provide your pet with perfect housing, where it will feel safe.

Table of Contents:

Overview of the Feisty cage for ferret: key features
Comparison chart of the best options in this segment
1. Advantages and features of the Feisty ferret cage by the popular Prevue Hendryx brand
Kit review: what does the Feisty model by Prevue Hendryx include?
Frequently asked questions
Recommendations on choosing a cage

Overview of the Feisty cage for ferret: key features

To protect the ferret from various troubles, you should purchase the best ferret cage. When choosing one, in addition to design and functionality, pay attention to additional accessories: a hanging house, a hammock, an interesting drinking bowl, and much more.

Now, there are many interesting offers on the market, but the Feisty model from the famous Prevue Hendryx brand stands out as one of the best, according to customers’ reviews. This option provides perfect conditions for the animal, being a reliable shelter and a great place for a comfortable stay.

Comparison chart of the best options in this segment






Dimensions (LxWxH)

Prevue Hendryx Feisty

BUY NOW AMAZONMetal48 x 30 x 33Two doors

Kaytee Complete Kit

BUY NOW AMAZONPlastic48 x 32 x 35One front entrance

Midwest Deluxe Double Unit

BUY NOW AMAZONMetal48 x 30 x 32.5Two doors

Yaheetech 37”


48 x 30 x 33

Two doors

Homey Pet-3 or 1 Tiers

BUY NOW AMAZONMetal48 x 29 x 31Two doors

Each of the options presented has excellent features, but Prevue Hendryx’s Feisty stands apart, combining all the necessary options for perfect comfort of your pet.


Advantages and features of the Feisty ferret cage by the popular Prevue Hendryx brand

One of the best and most popular models for ferrets is Feisty. The Prevue Hendryx company has an excellent reputation for manufacturing products with excellent performance, reliability and durability.

The Feisty model has the following advantages:

  • four different living spaces with anti-slip coating for ease of movement;
  • large and comfortable doors with good protection against opening;
  • ability to divide the cage into two parts, creating separate rooms;
  • firmly fixed convenient litter tray, which is quite easy to get.

The design is forged, and all elements are painted with a high-quality powder coating, which doesn’t peel off even after long period of use.

Kit review: what does the Feisty model by Prevue Hendryx include?

An important indicator is the kit. In budget options, it is small compared to expensive products. Moreover, many note the optimal design of the cage and an impressive package, which includes:

  • 2 plastic platforms;
  • 3 ramps;
  • grid;
  • hammock. 

The latter seems to be an unnecessary component at first, but, according to reviews, this type of relaxation is the most suitable for ferrets.

Frequently asked questions

The advantages of the quality cell from a popular brand are obvious, but sometimes buyers and future customers ask a lot of questions. The most common of them are presented below.

Q: How easy is it to remove middle level in the Feisty model?

There is such an opportunity available. You can close the hole in the floor and divide the cage into two halves using the separator. If necessary, you can leave the space open.

Q: How to clean Feisty cage for your ferret?

Cleaning the cage is very simple: you need to extend the lower tray and wash it. Also, from time to time you will need a full cleaning. It is easy to do, because the doors open wide, providing free access to the entire space.

Q: How to make Feisty cage liners?

At the moment, the stores have enough different accessories that allow to equip the cage to suit everyone’s taste. There are also many videos on YouTube with ideas and possible design options.

Q: What are the dimensions of Feisty cage?

The dimensions of this excellent model are 30” length, 20” width and 54” height. Optimal size for a fairly compact product with lots of free space.

Q: How to fix Feisty cage ramps for rats?

For small rats, it is better to choose a cage with a smaller distance between the rods, while larger rodents can safely live in this one. Otherwise, the model is perfect for adult rodents, providing optimal comfort.

Recommendations on choosing a cage

Choosing the perfect cage for your pet is a difficult task. A lot of different characteristics should be taken into account to purchase the most suitable product, where the animal will feel comfortable and cozy.

The Feisty model by Prevue Hendryx is considered one of the best in terms of price+quality. It is recommended by many experts and is included in the list of the most common in the world.


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