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The Best Top Paw Life Jackets 2019 To Keep Your Pet Safe & Sound

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If your dog cannot swim normally, you should take considerable safety measures. Today we will observe Top Paw life jacket reviews and other models to help you make a smart decision and ensure safe swimming for your canine friend.

Table of Contents:

What Is Top Paw Life Jacket?
Compare Life Jackets
1. Top Paw Reflective Dog Life Jacket
2. Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Dog Life Jacket
Top Paw Life Jacket Size Chart
How To Fit Top Paw Life Jacket
Additional Features Top Paw Life Jacket

What Is Top Paw Life Jacket?

This is a jacket made of lightweight buoyant materials that keeps a pet afloat. It is put on dog’s body to embrace it fully and support it from neck to tail. As a rule, it’s used for dogs that cannot swim, puppies, and small dogs that cannot handle waves. There’s a variety of sizes available, so you can always find a suitable option for your pet.

Compare Life Jackets






Leash attachments

Rescue handles


Weight of dog


Top Paw Reflective Dog Life Jacket

BUY NOW AMAZON3NeopreneNoYesOrange10-85 lbsFrom 21” to 41” in girth depending on the size

Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Dog Life Jacket

BUY NOW AMAZON3NeopreneNoYesYellow

10-15 lbs

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

BUY NOW AMAZON3Neoprene + foamNoYes4 colors availableUp to 10 lbs9.2 x 11 x 5.2 in

Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket


Neoprene + foam



Red10-110 lbs4.3 x 4.99 x 0.92 in

Hollypet Dog Life Jacket Adjustable Dog Lifesaver Safety Reflective Vest Pet Life Preserver

Hollypet Dog Life JacketBUY NOW AMAZON3NeopreneNoYes3 colors available15-90 lbs
Top Paw Reflective Dog Life Jacket

Top Paw Reflective Dog Life Jacket


A very convenient and thought-through solution, Top Paw reflective jacket is made of high-quality neoprene. It can be used for swimming and water sports activities. Don’t be afraid of losing your pet – the materials are very bright and the suit is equipped with reflective strips. A sturdy rescue handle makes it easy for the owner to carry and catch a dog.
Thanks to several strong belts, the Top Paw dog life jacket is easily adjustable, and there are five sizes are available – you will surely find a suitable option.

Our opinion:

Although the jacket is far from being cheap, it is made of high-quality materials and combines all safety standards which makes swimming very safe and comfortable.


  • Lightweight and sturdy;
  • Easy to adjust;
  • Five sizes available;
  • Bright color and reflective stripes.


  • A bit overpriced;
  • Does not feature a leash attachment.
Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Dog Life Jacket

Top Paw Neoprene Reflective Dog Life Jacket


If your dog is more or less good at swimming, you just need to slightly protect it. Top Paw neoprene life jacket is exactly what you need: the minimal construction makes it lightweight and pretty comfortable for pet. This stylish and sleek jacket has a rescue handle for easy dog handling, and is easy to put on. At the same time, easily adjustable buckles make up for a snug fit, so it’s not easy for a pet to escape.

Our opinion:

A moderately priced model has a very ergonomic design, but would be suitable only for dogs that have decent swimming skills. Otherwise, the jacket is not safe enough.


  • Non-expensive;
  • Bright and has reflective stripes;
  • Lightweight.


  • Not safe enough for dogs that cannot swim.

Top Paw Life Jacket Size Chart

This table will help you figure out the Top Paw life jacket sizing and select a suitable model:


Girth of body

Weight of dog



10-15 lbs



15-30 lbs



30-55 lbs



55-75 lbs



75-85 lbs


How To Fit Top Paw Life Jacket

How to put on a life jacket correctly? Regardless of dog’s breed and size, the approach is the same:

  1. With your canine friend standing, center the jacket on your pooch’s back. It should sit near the base of your dog’s neck.
  2. Wrap neck boards around your pooch’s neck, keeping the chin float free. Note that the jawline lash could possibly be focused once the best fit is set up.
  3. Wrap the belly band and secure them with Velcro or buckles.
  4. Now wrap the dog life jacket around dog’s body again and make sure to tighten it correctly. A properly fitting jacket should allow you to put 2 fingers between the canine body and the construction. 
  5. Roll all straps towards the clasp and tie down rolled ends to straps utilizing the Velcro tabs.

Now you’re done and ready to go swimming with your dog. Regardless of how secure the fit is, you should always keep watching your dog.

Additional Features Top Paw Life Jacket

It should be noted that Top Paw life jackets feature a very thought-through construction which makes them suitable for dogs with different weight and swimming skills. From security standpoint, this is one of the most efficient brands around. So, which features do their jackets possess?

  1. Easily adjustable belts with buckles make it easy to find a perfect fit for your dog. Since most models are available in several sizes (from XS to XL), you can always find a jacket to be comfortable and safe for your canine friend.  Belts are protected with special pockets on jacket’s size.
  2. A rescue handle lets the owner control the pet and catch it whenever it’s necessary. it simplifies swimming and makes it far safer. Besides, you can attach a leash to it.
  3. All Top Paw models are made of brightly colored materials and feature reflective stripes – it’s a very important feature from safety standpoint.
  4. Neck holder is another great feature – this neoprene pad helps pets to keep their head afloat. Not all dogs can keep their head high when swimming, especially small ones and those that start learning to swim. The pad will be of great help.


To sum it up, Top Paw dog life jacket is a great choice for caring pet owners. It has all crucial features and can be used for dog with any swimming skills. These jackets ensure a snug fit without risks and inconvenience. Although Top Paw models are quite expensive, they are totally worth the money: high-grade materials are coupled with a smart construction and ergonomic design. We definitely recommend this brand for all dog owners: you will surely find a size and model to fit your pet without discomfort.


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